What is a GAG sheet?

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About GAG sheet

GAG sheet is a plastic sheet that requires advanced production equipment and high-speed thermoforming machines to manufacture. The middle layer is made of APET. The upper and lower layers are made of PETG. It can be extruded with the raw materials in the right proportion and is ideal for boxes that require high frequency heat sealing and gluing or disposable lunch boxes.

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What are the features?

GAG sheet is the same as PET and APET, but he has more benefits and advantages, such as in transparency and impact resistance, processing performance, thermoformability and environmental protection.

Good transparency

Transparency up to 90% or more, good texture, suitable for products with high transparency requirements.


Good impact resistance

GAG sheet material is hard and durable, suitable for applications with high impact resistance.


Good processing performance

Processing methods such as sawing, die-cutting, drilling and laser cutting, as well as cold and hot bending, bonding, welding and polishing, printing and coating are possible.


Good thermoformability

It can be molded without preheating, with high precision, shrinkage rate of about 0.5%, finished products are not easy to break and have uniform thickness.


Environmentally friendly

Recyclable, not polluting the environment.

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Product Name: GAG Plastic Sheet Roll

Brand PET

Origin jiaxing, China

Material APET, PETG

Thickness 0.18~2.0mm

Width 300~1400mm

Weight 50~150kg/roll

Shape Roll/Sheet

Application Thermoforming packaging material

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Scope of use

Food Packaging: GAG sheet is commonly used in the production of food packaging containers, such as transparent food boxes, tableware, fruit plates, vegetable boxes, etc.. Its excellent transparency can clearly display the food inside the package, while its impact resistance helps protect the food from damage.


Medical Device Packaging: GAG board is used to make boxes and trays for medical devices because it meets hygiene standards, has good antimicrobial properties and transparency, and is easy to clean.


Electronics Packaging: GAG board is also used in electronics packaging, for example, to make transparent boxes for the outer packaging of electronic products, providing protection and presentation.


Daily necessities packaging: GAG board is also commonly used in the production of packaging for various daily necessities, such as stationery boxes and cosmetic boxes.